Monday, August 17, 2009

Lionel Richie - the ultimate entertainer for your next party

My newest obsession in the music arena is Lionel Richie.   I can't believe how talented this man is, I could see his music being played in both an elegant indoor reception, and outdoor reception.   He will definitely make it on my DJ list for any party I'll be having.

I've always been a fan of "All Night Long".   If you've never heard this song, I urge you to click here.  I would totally recommend this song to anyone who wants to get a party started.  Personally, whenever I hear this song I see grande gathering on a beach, decked out with tiki torches and all-you-can-drink mai tais!  But really, you don't even need a beach to throw a caribbean-themed party.   You'd be surprised how easily you can transform your backyard into a beach-getaway - and at an affordable price!  You can find really cheap and authentic looking tiki torches and string lights practically anywhere.  Yesterday I was a CVS, and all of the outdoor summer decor was 50% off!  I was tempted to buy the string of colored lights - it would have been PERFECT for a party of this kind. I get excited just thinking about it! 

"Piece" of Advice: Especially if you have older guests at your gathering, make sure you play a wide variety of music that cover the decades.  This will make your guests feel included at your event and ready to P-A-R-T-Y!  Trust me, if your next event will be including guests of all ages, it's really hard to get everyone dancing with only today's current main-stream dance music.  As lovely and fun as they may truly be, guests of years 50+ will not be in the mood to groove to songs like Lady Gaga's "Love Game" all night.   I'm sure you have at least 1 or 2 songs that you enjoy from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.  Perhaps even the 60's! All these songs compiled together will create a playlist everyone will be sure to love! 

Back to Lionel Richie... His new CD,  Just Go, has some amazing party music as well.   For those of you who would like a mix of a little old and new, there are even a few duets with Akon!   This cd is one that I can listen to from start to finish - which is very rare for me! However, for a party, I'd definitely recommend "Nothing Left to Give" and "Forever" from this CD.

You say you're planning a wedding?  Perfect!! Richie has a way with love songs too. It's sad, but I don't feel any new songs these days are really worthy enough for the First Dance or Father/Daughter dance.   The instrumentality of the music from the 80's has so much more quality, and the emotions of  the songs are really embedded in every single note.  If you listen closely, a few of Richie's songs incorporate brass instruments which add so much richness and flair.  If you're struggling with finding  a song for that First Dance or Father/Daughter Dance - take a look of some of these songs.

First Dance Songs:
Stuck On You
Endless Love (a duet with Diana Ross)
Three Times A Lady (actually by The Commodores, Richie's band)
Ballerina Girl
You Are (This song is a little more upbeat  for those of you who don't an incredibly slow song)

Father/Daughter Dance
Ballerina Girl  (<---- I just heard this yesterday and I am in LOVE with it)
Three Times A Lady

Bottom line. The music you choose to play at your event creates the mood for the guests.  You have to make sure whatever music you're playing is appropriate for the occasion - whether you decide to play Lionel Richie or Kanye West.  Of course, you need to make sure you enjoy the music that is played at your event, but if you want to have happy and active guests, you need to make sure to consider their tastes as well!

I love  hearing about everyone's music playlists for their parties - so let me know if you have found any artists or songs to be a perfect compliment to your party!  Or even if you've dreamed of songs for your future wedding day....let me know what you have planned!  :)