Thursday, July 30, 2009

What's in a color?

For what seems like the past year, I've been lucky enough to be involved in the process of remodeling and redecorating my parent's house.  If any of you have ever been through the process of remodeling a kitchen, refinishing cabinets, picking new blinds and draperies, and deciding what colors to paint the interior, you know that it is so much work!!

I am so happy to know that my parent's value my opinion so dearly, but much of the time I feel like I don't know anymore than they do!  It's been such a big learning experience, and it's really made me interested in interior design.   I never realized how much work goes into picking the right draperies and blinds for a room, especially when accounting for the amount of light that is let into a room.  The lady that has been helping my family with our selections is so knowledgeable in the area of colors and fabrics - she inspires me to learn so much more!   I just need to graduate with current, so I can then go to design school or at least take some design classes.  

Today I went to Dunn-Edwards to find paint chips for pretty much every room in the house.  My mom and I had already picked the draperies and blinds for the rooms, so we had to pick colors that would match.   When it comes to colors, I am a fan of warmer tones for sure.  I absolutely love pictures of living rooms with undeniably rich color.  Golden and reddish tones definitely will be seen in whatever dwelling I may have in the future :)  I found the color for my bedroom - it's called Bronzed Orange.   Tell me what you think :)  I'm so excited for my room to not have that litte-girl feel to it anymore!  My goal is to make it a real retreat :)  We'll see what happens ....  

Now how does all of this pertain to entertaining or decor sense?  It's not rocket science, but different colors create different ambiances for any occasion.   These colors could come from the wall in one's house, the table cloths, the centerpieces, the flowers, anything!   If you're planning to move into a new place, and entertaining guests is something you think you'll be doing frequently, think about painting your living room walls with a warmer color - golden or mocha tones do wonders.  And they're so popular right now!   If you're super daring, you could try a dark purple or earthy brown as well.    These warm colors don't just an energetic and dramatic feel to the room, but they also create a glow in a a room that compliments people's faces!   Now who would have thought that?   Here are some examples of what I'm talking about.  

Now, painting walls is definitely not an easy task - especially if one is already settled in.   As I mentioned before, there are many other ways to bring in color and evoke certain moods.   Thanks to Linnea Johansson, a famous New York party planner, and her book Perfect Parties, I have become so much more familiar with colors and what they symbolize.   

This is adapted from her book!

What does white symbolize?  Purity, childhood, and virginity.  This color can make any room feel really big.  If you'd like a classy look, combine white with any pastel color.

This is a picture from Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon's baby shower.  This is a perfect picture that illustrated the white decor.

How about pink?  It symbolizes sensitivity, affection, elegance, and sentimentality.  While this color is very inviting and will keep your guests at your party, you should be careful in how much pink you use.   If you use too much of it, your party could come off with a Barbie-theme.   However, if that's your goal - bring on the pink!!

This table setting by Linda from In The Making has beautifully utilized the pink colors.

Yellow?  This color symbolizes delight, happiness, independence, wisdom, and creativity.   I've seen pictures of many baby showers with this color theme.   One amazing aspect of this color is that it works year round and it makes your venue look way bigger than it actually is.  

Found on 

These are just a few colors of the colors discussed in the book!  Hope you learned a little something new :)    I know I have!  

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